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Topic Paper 4: Place Shaping 24/04/15 TAYplan

This is one of four topic papers that have been published to help those who wish to understand the factors that have informed the Proposed Strategic Development Plan (2015) in more detail. This paper focuses on the town centres, green networks, health, active lifestyles and other place quality related elements which underpin the Proposed Plan.

Schedule of Responses to the Main Issues Report [62MB] 24/04/15 TAYplan

This is the Schedule of Responses made to the Main Issues Report It groups together responses to similar issues made during the Main Issues Report consultation (April to June 2014). These are summarised and TAYplan responds to these issues. There is no legal requirement to prepare this document but TAYplan considers it to be important that those who took the time to respond to the Main Issues Report have the opportunity to see how this has been considered and contributed to informing the Proposed Strategic Development Plan (2015).

TAYplan Housing Analysis Paper 2015 24/04/15 TAYplan

This technical note examines newly available data since the completion of the TAYplan-wide Joint Housing Need and Demand Assessment (2013) and the consultation on the TAYplan Main Issues Report (2014). It includes analysis of the 2012-based population and household projections published by National Records of Scotland. The paper draws conclusions regarding housing supply targets and housing land requirements as well as other housing policy issues. This paper is summarised in Topic Paper 2: Growth Strategy and has informed the preparation of the Proposed Strategic Development Plan (2015).

Strategic Flood Risk Assessment 2014 31/03/15 TAYplan

The TAYplan Strategic Flood Risk Assessment (2014) informed the preparation of the TAYplan Proposed Strategic Development Plan (2015).

Development Plan Scheme March 2015 [18MB] 19/02/15 TAYplan

The Development Plan Scheme is updated atleast once every year and explains the work that TAYplan will be undertaking to keep the Strategic Development Plan up to date and how it intends to involve interested parties.

TAYplan Newsletter Feb 2015 19/02/15 TAYplan

This is the TAYplan Newsletter for February 2015

TAYplan Newsletter Nov 2014 20/11/14 TAYplan

This is the TAYplan Newsletter for November 2014

Youth Camp Summary Note 08/05/14 Planning Aid Scotland for TAYplan

This is the summary of the Youth Camp held in April 2014, prepared by Planning Aid Scotland on behalf of TAYplan.

Community Council and Elected Member Briefing Presentation 25/04/14 TAYplan

This presentation was provided to Community Councils/ Elected Members on 15th and 17th April.

TAYplan Newsletter April 2014 21/04/14 TAYplan

This is the TAYplan Newsletter for February 2014.